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Thomas Cameron Tennant

Servicenumber : 1501070
Rank : Lance Corporal
Regiment : Royal Welch Fusiliers
Unit : 6th Battalion
Thomas Cameron Tennant was born on 23 August 1918 at 26 Salamanca Street, Glasgow, Scotland. He was a son of James Tennant and Isabella Tennant (nee Cameron). 
Tennant served with D Company.
After the war, in august 1945, he was recommended for an award for bravery. His recommendation was signed by the the commander of A Company, 6th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers, the commander of 160 Brigade, the Commander of the 53rd Division and the Commander of 1st Army Corps.
The citation read: "During the attack by "D" Coy, 6 RWF on the village of REUSEL, Holland on 24 Sep 44, L/c. Tennant was in charge of his Coy wireless set. He was manning the set himself. Coy Headquarters was pinned to a ditch by intense small arms fire and the Coy Comd was killed. This NCO found that the only way to maintain wireless communication with Bn HQ was by moving out of the ditch and setting up his set in the open, where it would not be screened. He thereby exposed himself to the full view of the enemy who persistently sniped at him. He was also in such a position that he was completely devoid of any cover from the general fire which continued to come down on that area.
The way in which this NCO distinguished himself by his extraodrinary heroism was an inspiration to all who saw him. If it had not been for his complete disregard for his own safety in exposing himself, communication would have been lost with Bn Hq. This situation, due to his Coy Comd having been killed, would undoubtedly have been extremely serious.
In Oct 44 during the attack on s'Hertogenbosch this NCO was also in charge of the Coy wireless set. During the fighting he again displayed outstanding breavery and throughout the action his conduct was an inspiration to all who saw him.
On 7th November 1947 he received a letter from the Military Attaché of the Netherlands Embassy to inform him he would be awarded with the Bronze Cross, a Dutch award for bravery. On 11th December 1947 he received the Bronze Cross at the Drill Hall of the 101 Field Engineer Regiment.  
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