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William Oliver Meredith Kevans

Servicenumber : 24581160
Rank :
Regiment : Welsh Guards
Unit : 1st Battalion
William 'Will' Oliver Meredith Kevans was born in Birmingham. He spent part of his childhood in Germany. At the age of 10 he and his family moved to Ceredigion, Wales.
Kevans joined the Army at the age of 17 in 1980. He served as a runner in 4 Platoon, 2 Company, 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards. He left for the Falklands on board of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2. On 29 may 1982 his unit was transferred to the ocean liner Canberra and on 2 June they landed at a beach near San Carlos. The battalion would support an advance along the southern approach to Stanley. However, they were ordered to return to San Carlos and land directly at Bluff Cove. There were not enough landingcrafts and only half of the battalion landed at Bluff Cove. The other half stayed on the Sir Galahad. It was then decided to land the men on the Sir Galahad at Fitzroy. They would then march to the rest of the battalion af Bluff Cove. On the 8th of June the Sir Galahad was attacked by Argentinian aircraft and hit by two of three bombs. A total of 48 soldiers and crewman were killed in the explosions and subsequent fire. Among them were 32 men of the Welsh Guards. 
In the night of 11/12 June 1982 the battalion took part in the Battle of Mount Harriet. 
After the war Kevans stayed in the Army a a parachutist. When he left the Army Kevans moved to London where he played guitar and trumpet for different bands. He established himself as a singer-songwriter and became involved in the acoustic music scene. He also joined the military arts group, which was set up after the Falklands War to encourage soldiers to develop their skills and deal with the psychological trauma of battle. His work included drawing characters for children's cartoon programmes like Dennis the Menace. 
In 2008 Kevans won the International Songwriting Competition with his song "Out there" and provided music for the computergame Scooby-Doo.
In 2009 Kevans released his debut single "Dialling Tone" and in february 2010 his first album was released.
In 2015 Kevans released a cartoon book of his experiences during the Falklands War. The book is called 'My life in Pieces'.
In 5 june 2017 the BBC released a documentary about several men of the Welsh Guards who return to the Falklands for a charity walk of 90 miles, a TAB (Tactical Advance to Battle), from San Carlos to Port Stanley to raise money for Care After Combat and SAMA Wales. Will Kevans was one of the men who returned to the Falklands.
Will Kevans and Prince Harry in 2014
Will Kevans in 2017, during his return to the Falklands
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